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AK Seenivasagam & Brothers which is currently known as AKS Nivaas Sdn.Bhd. was 1st established in the year 1948 by Mr.Seenivasagam in Sungai Nyior, Butterworth. This small scale family business produced Sesame Oil as their sole product by using the ghani technology which is a traditional method used to produce oil. The pure sesame Oil then was carried on bicycles and sold door-to door to nearby customers.

Then, in the early 1970's the business was shifted to industry where it uses machineries to process and manufacture Sesame Oil (Single Boy Brand). Beside sesame oil, the company also produces Camphor Tablets (Elephant Brand, Om.V Brand and Diamond Brand) Black Matpe, Papadom Chips (Revathi Brand), and Vermicelli (Rose Brand).These products were the 1st to be manufactured in Malaysia by AK Seenivasagam & Brothers.

Followed by the success of the company supplying the demands of the local markets, in the early 1980's it started to export its products to few Asia And Europe countries.

In the early 1990's the company started to produce such as AKS Fish Curry Powder AKS Meat Curry Powder, and White Matpe, AKS also introduce it’s instant products such as Rajme Thosai Mix, Rajme Vaadai Mix, and Rajme Idli Mix,

Now, AKS Nivaas Sdn.Bhd. still standing as an ultimate manufacturer and planned to launch many other new products to fulfill the demand of its customers worldwide.

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